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Hardwood Cleaning/Surface Scratch Removal

Whether you have finished, unfinished, engineered or solid wood floors, our process features a special conditioner/cleaner that will thoroughly clean and bring out your floors' original luster. During our unique cleaning process we will also remove scuff marks, stains and most of the light surface scratches in your wood floors which, if left untreated, will eventually lead to the need for costly refinishing.

Why Choose Heaven's Best Wood Floor Cleaning/Light Surface Scratch Removal Process?

  1. We have the tools, exclusive cleaners and conditioners along with many years of experience to do the job right.
  2. A stubborn surface stain left untreated can, over time, penetrate the protective finish and actually discolor the wood, requiring specialized tools to properly remove.
  3. Light surface scratches and "scuff" marks in the protective finish of your floor will cause the floor to appear dull and dirty. This type of damage also compromises the protective properties of the finish leading to damage to the wood beneath and eventually costly refinishing. Please note, the term "light surface scratch" we do NOT mean indentations of any kind in the finish. Our process will not remove moderate to deep scratches in the finish or in the wood itself.

Eventually, as your floor fills with light surface scratches you will begin to get another scratch over an older one. This "scratch over scratch" will quickly cut through the protective finish and cause damage that only refinishing can remove.

Using our hardwood floor care system for periodic maintenance will help to avoid having a costly floor refinishing. Keep in mind that engineered floors cannot be refinished or can only be refinished once. Since they are layers of veneer over pressed board. This makes periodic, preventative maintenance all the more important.

All work performed by Heaven's Best comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.